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London Bus Museum Brooklands 01-03-2019 Reg No LYR 910 AEC Regent III bus – RT3491 1952 02

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I guess using ferreter didn't really help. I used to run a small ferret rescue and attend events all over the country putting on ferreting displays and ferret racing to raise funds. Alas had to give it all up a couple of years ago - damned knackered hip and knee plus COPD... I guess age also had a hand in it as well.


Didn't realise you were of the female persuasion, still there you go, assumptions

Bolton Corporation Transport was ahead of the game back in the 70s when they decided that they'd start training clippies or guards as they were known as up here, as drivers. I was the 6th to pass the PSV driving test; within hours of pass the test I was working overtime driving on the 519 route Bolton Town Centre to Johnson Fold. I bet someone will point out that women were driving buses in the war years but that ended when the men were demobbed.
I was so pleased it was a "Whitelady" type of bus (a front engine half-cab but open to the lower deck) and not a rear engined Atlantean.
No power steering back then either - I've had to practically stand up a few times to get enough leverage on the wheel to turn from Crook St into Blackhorse St when the passenger used to stand up ready to alight thus transferring all the weight over the front wheels of an Atlantean!
Had to get used to the usual type of sexist comments from some males about women drivers but it didn't take long for them realise that the women drove a bus as they were taught to in the driving school. ie. Easy on the brakes, think about the passengers and don't throw the bus around corners like you were taking part in a rally. I could have a hot cup of coffee on the dash and it'd be just right for drinking when I arrived at the terminus having not spilt a drop enroute.



Chillfiltered - you may like to checkout my site
Just revised and updated, big time, the East Anglia Transport Museum with video and stills of a Maidstone Trolleybus (and a London one etc)


ferreter, I was a clippie on Maidstone and District to get money for college back in the 60's.


Like the comment about Chatham, know the Medway towns well. I did an apprenticeship at Kent Alloys in Strood and was born just down river a hop, skip and a jump from the other naval dockyard on the Medway. oh yes and I am a similar age but don't feel it.


Bang on - I'm 71 going on 17, hod do you think I have so many pictures, a very large web site ( and my own You Tube channel - keith chesworth

I'll be 80 in six months so I guess that could count as being old. It certainly feels it at times, not mentally though as the saying goes "Growing old is mandatory growing up is optional". The later certainly applies to me... I'd love an N gauge train layout, enjoy playing games on my computer and phone etc. When the warmer weather arrives I'll be out with a gang of younger folk using my mobility scoother to chase after Pokemon around town.


Seeing it in a museum sort of makes you feel old, doesn't it?
I had that experience at Chatham when I saw a couple of engines of a type I worked on as an apprentice sat in the Submarine there (ASR1)

There's every chance that I acted as a clippie on this bus as I worked at Windsor Garage for just over 3 years. I can remember working on the 457 route.

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