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Norwegian Ship Polar Prince

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You're welcome, PLG. Thank you for stopping by!


Wonderful puzzle, Laura -- and thanks for the info, too!


Thanks, PG. I didn't know that the yellow equipment was for cable-laying. I guess this ship has seen some ice, as it is called the Polar Prince. Well, I am just assuming. Thank you pkin and Robbie!


Very nicely done LJ and interesting reading your info, thanks.


Great picture.... LJ


Nice shot LJ. This ship is defiantly a cable layer as you can see from the rear yellow section. It appears to be one that can work in icy waters of the North Atlantic and get into a little light ice if need be.


The buildings in that area are/were industrial factories. Yes, morris, it is a church! You are right. Looks like weather tracking equipment is there, too.


One of the buildings looks like a church! the one with the clock on it!
Thanks for the info, laura!


Those buildings are all basically the same color. Do you think they are factories or apartments? Nice photo Laura.


If the post below is too tedious to read...just know that there are at least 2 wind farms they are working on. Laying cables underwater.


"The Polar Prince, a dynamically positioned vessel, will be outfitted with a cable lay spread and cable plough to lay and bury the 33 kilovolt amperes (kVA) lines in around 20 metres of water, as well as survey and remotely operated vehicle spreads.
Subocean was contracted by Fluor on behalf of Greater Gabbard developer Scottish & Southern Energy for the job. The wind farm development is located off the coast of Suffolk, England.
The Polar Prince began work in July under a two-year charter, which has three one-year options. Subocean says the contract represents a £30m investment for it.
The Polar Prince is also slated for an assignment on the Vattenfall Thanet wind farm project off Kent where Subocean has a contract to lay and bury 33kVA power cables."


An absolutely terrific the color of the ship, and the design and repetition of the buildings in the background.


Very interesting, thanks laura!


Wow Great picture LJ


Actually, the Greater Gabbard wind farm is in the North Sea, off the coast of Suffolk. I bet PG would know a lot more about this kind of thing than myself. I hope he sees this and answers.


So are the wind farms right on the coast?


Their assignment, if I understand it correctly, is to work on wind farms.


Nice photo, laura!! It makes a very nice puzzle! i agree with lyndee!


"Polar Prince" - built in 1999 - a multi purpose offshore vessel from Norway, currently in Stannergate Dock, Dundee, Scotland. I took this photo from across the Tay River, with my zoom lens.


This is a great picture laurajane. The red boat stands out in front of all the buildings. You definitely have some great shots!