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Statue of Orpheus, Harewood House

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It is a lovely place, Jan. The "Below stairs" exhibition was fascinating with all the kitchen paraphenalia, laundry, servant's quarters, scullery,etc. You could try on the servant's uniforms too, which was giving some children a great laugh!
It was very much a home and not just a stately pile. They even had one of the original Apple Macs on the desk in the ornately panelled study!

And Astrid is one talented lady! :-))


Orpheus has never looked so good.....even without his lyre! :D
Beautiful reflecting pond. As least, I was reflecting, looking at the......pond. And the "cat" was wonderfully rendered as well. Lucky Astrid clearly enjoys her work. Oh yes, Harewood House is lovely as well! thanks Hester!!


I'm not sure where Orpheus has hidden his lyre, which he played to entrance wild animals but it's certainly not on him! He better find it quick or that puddy tat will have him for breakfast!!
This magnificent statue is on the terrace gardens of Harewood House outside Leeds, home of Princess Mary, our Queen Elizabeth's aunt.