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Obvious sign that humanity is regressing.

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  1. holica2:38
  2. Busdriver4203:01
  3. pdb11153:14
  4. cherlock3:21
  5. Binkydo3:26
  6. backin19843:27
  7. dblay7:36


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fun and unbelievable! cheryl


Hi Haney! Isn't it amazing the things people will try to do? I can't imagine anyone even "trying" to put a coat hanger in their mouth, much less being able to swallow it!!


Great, Dottie. But so true. During my career, it was amazing the label warnings I saw and were required by regulatory agencies to put on packages. The warning usually indicated that someone had done the preventable act or at least tried to do it! Haney :-)


I'm sure you're right, p_f_fan!

Haha! Donna, I've seen some pretty big mouths, but not big enough to swallow a coat hanger!! LOL!!


Now who in the world can even get a clothes hanger in their mouth, much less swallow it!! This is one for the books. Hilarious!! Thanks for the laughs, Dottie.


Haha! I agree! Thanks, pdb!!



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