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Urban Biodiversity

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This photo was taken as part of the Urban Biodiversity Project (Krautschau) that's a part of "Flora incognita", an AI based app for plant species identification (AI based plant identification meets Citizen Science. Free of charge, no commercial ads): (English version)

The project is about plants that grow in typical urban habitats like asphalt and concrete cracks and fissures, or on walls.

The depicted plant species is commonly known as St John's Wort (Hypericum perforatum):

Photo: Dachau / Bavaria, 10 July 2024

(For further puzzles of this series enter keywords "urban biodiversity" in the Search function)
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Thank you for the warning. I hadn't heard that!


It IS a pretty one - but beware, some people have extreme dermal sensitivity to St Johns' wort


Thank you


How pretty it is - thank you JoHe. 😀


By the way: Usually the plant is standing upright, 2-5 ft high. That this one is lying down (as well as others in close vicinity) could be due to lots of havy rain lately.

Beautiful herb, thanks for highlighting this plant JoHe.


Once again, this type of SJW is prettier than the Shrubby version I have. However, I have to give props to the one I have because it's the only thing that's blooming in my yard right now. It doesn't seem to mind the heat. I haven't had to water it much either. TY, JoHe.


@beyondwords They are different species. St John's Wort is quite common here, more than the tall and bushy Great St John's Wort that's only cultivated in gardens.


I know this plant only as tall & bushy. I didn't know it could bloom when this short.


Here's the ubiquitous "pocket version" of the Great St John's Word published recently:

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