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I spent the night in Dillon, Montana. I got up at daylight to continue my drive toward Yellowstone. Before I left town I took several photos. One of those was this one of the old railroad depot. The railroad company started the town back in 1880. Today the depot is a museum. It wasn't open that early in the morning for me to take a look, but it did have things like an old wagon and a log cabin outside the depot.
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magic, you are very welcome. This photo was taken in low light in the early morning so my shutter speed was low and the photo turned out a bit blurred. However, I kept it anyway because I like the looks of those old depots. Terry


Thanks, Sue. When I saw some of Terry's "personal comments," I just jumped to the conclusion that he was home. Thanks for answering and I hope YOU are doing well and making it okay while he is on the trip. My comments are from the heart because I love the puzzles and photos he posts and shares with us. So many of them just warm my heart, bring back memories, cause me to dream or make me smile. :-)) I see places I have never seen nor will ever see through his photos and I really ENJOY them. Both of you do a good job. :-)


dblay….no, Terry's not home yet. Maybe Monday or Tuesday. He wrote the description on a bunch of puzzles before he left so I'd have some to post. Thank you for always writing so many positive comments on the posts!....Sue

Hi Guys, You won't remember this, but I love trains and all things about them. That includes stations. I could tell at first look that it was genuine. Didn't even see who the artists were that posted it. But it was you. Thank You for another positive experience.


Good morning. Terry, are you home yet? Some of the comments and photo descriptions make me think you may be home. I hope you had a good trip, if you are home. :-)) I love this old Depot. It made a great puzzle and it is a very nice shot of this place. Thank you. If you are not home, then thank you, Sue, for all the puzzles you are sharing with us while Terry is on his trip. :-)

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