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Happy 5th Birthday dear Bella (Sharon72's dog)

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Bella, you're our birthday dog today, having reached the grand age of five! Jigidi people and their pets all over the world are keen to celebrate your 5th birthday with you, and I've arranged a party so that we can all have fun together. As you can see from your birthday puzzle, there's a pile of presents for you and even a birthday cake made of the finest dog food and topped with kibbles and a candle! I'm sure mum Sharon is spoiling you even more than usual, and hope you're enjoying getting your favourite dishes, extra treats and probably a few new toys too.
Bella, enjoy your party and have fun playing with my Bella, puppy Roxia, Mindy, Babe & Izzy, Elsa, Ben, Bishka and Sally. Meanwhile your human friends are raising their champagne glasses to wish you good health and lots of fun in the coming year. Have a bowwow day! ♥♥♥
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Welcome Jason ♥♥♥


Happy Birthday, Bella.

Cute card, Ank.


Hi Sharon, good to see that Bella had such a great day and I presume you too. It's fun to have photos of her sisters too. And let me tell you a funny coincidence. My Bella is 5 years old, she is one of six girls. No brothers at all. Well, let's hope our darlings become real old and that they still have more than 10 years to go. ☺ ♥♥♥


Bella says thank you all for the happy birthday wishes and the gifts and the fun. She loved playing with all the pet friends from around the world and meeting their humans. She says the kind of cake Ank made for her is the very best kind. And she and her mom and her boy all think the card Ank made is one of the bestest ever. Her mom is going to make a print of it and put it in Bella's scrapbook. Bella started off her day with a bath which she enjoys. Then she and her boy romped and played with each other. In the evening she got a dog food cake with a number 5 candle on it and then explored a blue gift bag that had a new teddy bear squeaky toy in it and some tasty treats. Bella's mom was a fox terrier turned in to a rescue organization when pregnant. Dad was a traveling man. I have pictures of mom, Daisy, and all 6 little girls when only hours old. Also of them at 4 weeks and 8 weeks and on their adoption days with their new families at 10 weeks. Four girls look just like their mom and Bella and Shelby look a bit like a manchester terrier or a terrier/minipinscher. Thank you all and Ank again for the party and the good wishes.


Hi Michelle, welcome. ♥♥♥


Happy birthday dear Bella - Ank this is truly one of my favourites ♥♥♥


Hi Vips, welcome. ♥♥♥


Happy Birthday Bella, have fun:-) Best wishes, Vips in Denmark.


Now look, so many more friends dropped in, welcome Rita, Linda, Barbara with Calamity Janie Baby and Lillybelle, Robin with Abby, Val with Bella and Lincoln, Ella, Sarah, Sharon with Babe and Izzy, and Pam. I'm sure that Bella will be overwhelmed with all this attention.
I hope Sharon spoiled her very much and that they had a great day. ♥♥♥



Hope you've enjoyed a woofing good birthday, Bella! :-))

Happy Birthday little Bella, and many, many more. Babe and Izzy are on their way in with treats and toys and lots and lots of sticks. Let's party!


Happy Birthday Bella!


Happy Birthday, Bella! Hoping you had a real Bow Wow day with lots of spoiling from your mom!


Happy Birthday Bella from our Bella and Lincoln☺☺☺

Cute card Ank♥♥


Great card, Ank. Bella is a cute little girl and I'm sure mom spoiled her Big Time on her special day. Happy birthday, Bella, from me and Abby. :)


Precious cark Ank ;-))) Barb


Happy. Birthday, Bella;-))). Calamity Janie Baby, here my feet and Lillybelle are waiting, but are getting impatient,they want to see you so much! So happy you asked us to come ❤️❤️❤️


Happy Birthday, Bella! May your special day bring you leisurely walks, playing with a ball and lots of friends (2 & 4 footed)


Bella we wish you a happy 5th doggie birthday and lots of good treats and toys. I'm sure you will have a great day.


Welcome to Bella's party, Fred and Mindy, Bella, Rob, Barry Koala with Nev and Marge, Sharimarie, Shirley, Lorna and Elsa, Wanda, Jackie, Linda, Pat and Bishka, and Faye. Bella and her mum Sharon will love to see you. Well, I saw that the pets founds the treats, so we can enjoy the champagne or what ever we like. Let's celebrate Bella's birthday, let's party. ♥☺♥☺♥


Happy, Happy Birthday, Bella! You are so cute I just have to give you a cuddle and a few snuggles and kisses! ❤️❤️❤️

A great card, Ank! ❤️❤️❤️


Happy Birthday Bella, hope you have many more years of love and fun, and hope you get lots of presents and treats today. Cute card Ank.


Have a great 5th birthday, Bella, and lots more happy years ahead. That birthday cake looks and smells, er, ... unique!

Happy fifth Birthday Bella, have fun, enjoy your, day. and may you have many more. Cappy from Long Island, New York


Happy 5th Birthday, little Bella! Wanda

Beautiful posting, Ank. Wanda


Happy Birthday Bella! Elsa will be arriving at your party very soon!


Wishing you a Happy 5th Doggy Birthday Bella! with lots of fun things to do.


Happy Birthday, Bella! You are such a cutie. Fun card @puzzeljac Thanks for the smile.


Bella, wishing you lots of Birthday woof-woofs, from you mate Barry Koala, Down Under. And his carers Nev & Marge have some extra treats for you too. ♥♥♥

A most colourful card, Ank. ♥♥♥


Beautiful & lively card, Ank! Thank you♡


Awwooooo!! Happy 5th Bella! Sending kibbles, bits, chew toys and lots of tossed sticks your way from Ontario!


Waf waf woof dear Bella. Happy birthday to you. Now we have the same age again, I'm also 5 years and so funny that we have the same name too. ☺ Well, let's have a real doggies party, I know where the treats are, come on. ☺ Enjoy your day Bella, make it bowwow. Sweet licks ♥♥♥


Mindy and I wish you a Happy 5th Birthday! Woof!!

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