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Romanesque Basicila Notre Dame du Port at Clermont-Ferrand, France.

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“Notre Dame du Port at Clermont-Ferrand looks as «Oriental» as any Georgian or Armenian church. A good example of how Romanesque, with its roots in Roman-Byzantine art, blurrs the boundaries between East and West.” from twitter account: BzyhistoryTweet@BzyHistoryTweet
This restored 10th century basilica has roots as a religious site back to the 6th century. I do not know France, except to spend a few days in Paris, going/coming from Geneva. Now I have southern France on my itinerary that already included Turin with now a short drive down to Genoa and then west along the coast. . . and finally at Montpellier, straight north to Clermont-Ferrand and then straight north to Paris for a flight home!

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Sorry for the long response below. I am by profession, a lecturer. . .so ask a simple question, and I can go on and on.


You are most welcome patriciadicicco. jenmoocat, yeah I graduated UC in '63 - the 100th graduating class. Then graduate work at SF-State, not then a university, but a "college". Bali (and all of Indonesia's cultures) has a very strong sense of community, so practicing safe habits and looking out for one's neighbors is a given. That includes shaming and showing alarm for anyone not following protocol. . . so that everyone's on the same page. And Indonesian government can change procedures even moving from one island to another when new scientific data warrants. For a country of 280 million people, cases and death rates are a fraction of US. By comparison ours out to be twenty times what it is. That strong sense of community also means that the emphasis is on public safety - in which there are many avenues, and police are there to deal with lawbreakers as just one aspect of that safety. Someone stealing food because they are hungry is not a police matter. . .but a neighborhood concern.


What a beautiful building! The intricate stone work is amazing... Thank you for sharing :)


Just read your profile. What an amazing life you've led! I am also a UC Berkeley graduate from back in the early 90s. Grew up in the El Cerrito/Kensington hills, now living in San Francisco. Be interesting to hear what the pandemic has been like for you, living in Bali....


Yes. . . all those different textures. I always work them and then look at them over several days before I publish them. Thank you for liking this one.


Very satisfying. Loved all of the different textures.

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