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Bandy and Copper

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Bandy died today of wounds she got when a neighbor's dog jumped the five foot chain link fence and attacked her. It happened about 4 a.m. Friday morning. She was so tiny at birth that her mother rejected her and so we raised her in the house until she was big enough to go outside with the rest of the goats.

She is about 2 days old in this picture. She was as tall as a coke can then and our Aussie, Copper, adopted her and adored her.

Bandi (we changed the spelling later) never did grow as big as the others, but was always just as spunky. I would let her out of the pasture and she would trot around after me in the gardens as I worked.

We tried very hard to save her. 2 vets were involved. But we couldn't. It was just too much for her.

The dog has been reported to the sheriff and animal control. This is one little one we are going to miss so very, very much.


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Thank you devitai and PuzzleG. There are still tears at odd moments. If I had known she would have been in so much pain, I would have had her put down immediately.

HOWEVER -- a girlfriend gave us two llamas today. They are EXCELLENT livestock guardians. I'll post picture of them tomorrow. Because they have not been handled much, I have my work cut out for me. I plan on clicker training them. Started this evening with the association of the clicker with food. It will always mean something good. Slowly but surely.....

In the meantime, the county is not doing anything and the dog is still there in an unfenced yard. But he won't come here again without getting badly injured or killed.


Oh dear, Penny, I'm so sorry for you! Our pets are loved ones too, & it really hurts us to lose them. Poor little Bandy, at least she is not in pain now. Praying our dear Lord will comfort you & your family all in this sad time. Also that justice will be done with the irresponsible neighbors & their dog. Sending you heartfelt hugs. xxxx


Pure Bandy! That's so sad, PetSet!


Thank you. We have come around to that pov too. How hard would it have been for her to learn to walk again, run again, be a goat again? It would have taken a long time and she may never have come right at all. So yes, it is better this way.


Maybe it is better this way, even though it is hard for you. I feel so sorry.


Ladywil, all we could figure is that there must have been internal injuries, too. When we moved her to clean the wounds she would scream in pain. She must have been bleeding inside.

She was tiny. But at least she doesn't hurt any more.


Poor Bandy, her wounds must have been bad to die from it. And on this picture she is sooo small.
Take care.

You know, PenSet, your profile says you love to be outdoors doing gardening, etc. With a dog like that in the neighborhood that's vicious and owners who don't care, I really hope they - at the very least - take that animal away from them!!! And hopefully bar them legally from ever owning another animal again. That could be extremely dangerous to you and other people who live nearby!!! Especially since the dog went over a 5 foot fence to get your little Bandy!!! Sheez.....!!!


By the way, thank you all for your comments. I am still sort of out of touch with reality, trying to cope with this one.

We have a last-stop rescue operation here, where horses and goats can come when they cannot be helped and re-homed: cancer, illness, age, etc. But Bandi was born here from a mother that was rescued from a hoarder. So she was part of the place.


We have reported the dog to the sheriff and the animal control people (that will be Monday). I'm pretty sure they will have the dog put down. The neighbor's yard is not fenced and they do not restrain their dog at all. He is now a killer of livestock and, in this area, that kind is not allowed to live. I hate to say I want a dog put down, but this time I do. His owners are dangerous enough with their guns and such. The dog probably didn't have a chance at becoming a decent citizen with them as owners.

What a rough start for such a wee goat. Looks like she it going to be ok now. I hope.

Very sorry for you, PenSet.....she was a really cute little thing! She and Copper are so adorable together in your puzzle. What will happen to that neighbor's dog now? Has it ever attacked anyone else in your neighborhood before?

So sad for you, your family and Copper.


I’m so sorry PenSet. It’s always hard to lose a friend.