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May 18th: Ice on the birdbath - and a question

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When I got up this morning, the temperature was below freezing, and the birdbath had ice on it. This picture is an hour or so later, and it's started to melt.

But you may note this birdbath is designed for the pedestal to be filled with dirt, and something planted in each of the pockets. I haven't done this, because up until now I haven't had a permanent location, but now I can do so. But what should I plant? My sister suggested strawberriesd, but it doesn't make much of a crop, and it seems likely that would just feed the birds.
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Have fun deciding what to plant. I would go with something that flowers for a long time and helps the bees.


LOL Ginni asked the question I had on my mind. Good luck deciding on what to plant.


I'll see if I can find hens and chickens. And Ginni, the birds already get their strawberries from the wild strawberries growing around the yard - if the squirrels don't get them first.


hens and chickens would look great.


What's wrong with feeding strawberries to the birds? :-)


Cold here too but not that cold. I was thinking of hens and chickens too. I'm more than ready for warmer weather. Thanks, Don.


Great loooking bird bath (ice not needed, however). How about planting Hens and chickens (Sempervivum tectorum) They would look great in those little "pockets".

(just thought to check OUR birdbath....also iced over. :( )

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