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First Cosmos/Cosmea Collage 2021.

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Home sown Cosmos are blooming since a few weeks and yet already gave quite a variety of beautiful flowers.
For my first collage I chose the darker colour. You'll notice the different details on the petals of each flower, but also the shape of the petals often differ from one flower to another.☺
I've already posted some of these in a single puzzle and added new fresh ones.
I hope you'll enjoy the collage!
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  1. liertje19781:51
  2. botmom141:55
  3. babray2:15
  4. Lynetteoz2:18
  5. Pekaji2:37
  6. gemstone2:38
  7. ENERIM2:42
  8. Atsutsa2:47
  9. EllaMB2:50
  10. Kayker2:53


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Double thanks, Faye! Today I saw two more dark freshly opened, but the stormy wind and the rain didn't make it possible for me to take decent photos. Better luck tomorrow I hope!💕💕💕


DOUBLE WOW!!! Gorgeous blooms! My favourite is still the bottom middle because it is sooooo different...and so dark. 💕💕💕


Thank you, nillie, the second one will be posted in a moment too. I've not yet figured out which one I like the best, although I do have some favourites!
Thanks and good night ♥♥


Here is the first cosmos collage of the year, and a beautiful start! my favorite is bottom middle, or, in second thought top left:-)) Thanks Impie and good night♥♥


Thank you so much, Lynetteoz. I'm pleased you enjoyed my first collage! :-)


Gorgeous collage and such vibrant pinks and yellow Impie :-)


Thanks. Glad you like, it dhi!:)

Thank you, Ella. In the past I did have some dark coloured ones too, I'm not sure if there are more of them now. I could check in my last year's file and let you know!
The centers do have some difference, but it also depends on the age of the flowers. The'll start with what looks like threads then soon get round yellow dots and then star-like pollen ☺

Thank you, lurdo, there are more in different colours coming soon too! :)

Yeah, Anne, I kept my promise. I'm glad you enjoyed it, Thanks!:)

Thank you, GG. *blush* It was fun creating a collage. Putting them next to each other shows how different they can be. I'm so glad you aprreciate it.Thanks☺


Your First Cosmos/Cosmea Collage 2021 is beautiful, as I knew it would be! The darker colors are lovely; and yes, the petal shapes and other color details are different for each flower. They complement each other and look so nice together in this college! Thank you, Impie! ☺


Ah, the promised (and beautiful) collage!

Wonderful collage with a great variety of flowers


Great collage! There seems to be more dark colored blooms this year than in the past. Even the centers are somewhat different in each of the flowers!


This is lovely, thank you for sharing.

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