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Buffalo herd

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...from an old (1961) postcard.


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Thanks, Robbie, for amplifying our understanding of the difference between "buffalo" and "bison."


I like your postcard Plum. In the hundreds of cowboy and mountain men books I have read, I don't recall them being called Bison. Just plain Buffalo or Buff'lo! So buffalo are from Africa and Asia whereas Bison are from North and South America and Europe. Bison have beards, buffalo don't. Bison can withstand freezing cold, buffalo are in warmer climates and can be domesticized. What I just read, thanks Plum!


Exactly, Plum!


Gayle, I may have a slightly larger than usual back yard, but there is no way it could accommodate even one of these behemoths.
Yeah, Bill, mangy is the word.
Wikipedia's concession is interesting. I don't know how "buffalo" got started, but it does seem pretty well entrenched. Incidentally, have you ever heard of a "bison nickel"? Tsk...


This looks a lot like the Buffalo Overlook outside of Denver. At which point I will receive a lecture from my naturalist friend reminding me that these are American bison, not buffalo. Nevertheless, even Wikipedia concedes that they are often called American buffalo or just buffalo.

They sure look mangy when they're shedding their winter coats!

Thanks, Plum.


I thought surely this was in your backyard. :-)


Thanks, Pat! :o))))


These two certainly struck my fancy. Thanks for posting them.


Not any kind of organized series, Pat; just random finds that happen to strike my fancy.


:-) Heather. Plum, I hope you have a series going here.


Okay, nobody be looking for your roller skates now. ;)