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Blue Violet Antiques

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  1. xcc1022x4:11
  2. Malta4:28
  3. lorimc5:44
  4. JillianB5:54
  5. Bobatron6:09
  6. senrabyar6:18
  7. Pecloca6:31
  8. IBAHKABYH6:33
  9. jgr7:01
  10. SpeedQueen7:06


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janshoemake, thank you for visiting and sharing. Haney :-)

I would probably bring most home..
I also dislike to shop.


Donna, I KNOW I have clothes over 30 years old...and still wear most! Haney :-)


Very cute and that reminds me -- I'll bet I have clothes from 30 years ago in my closet that need to be gotten rid of. :-))) I'm not much of a shopper, in fact, I hate shopping for clothes and, especially SHOES, so I tend to wear things a LONG time, thus my comment about the closet. :-) I also love the kitty on the steps. Thank you for a fun puzzle, Haney.


Jill, I really like "busy"... but fun art! Welcome! Haney :-)


Such an interesting painting with lots going on. Thanks Haney


puzzleman, I will think about your request. I usually make puzzles in the range of 70-80. I have had a few requests for larger puzzles and found out the pictures are not large enough. Thank you. Haney :-)


clairezy, thank you very much. Haney :-)

hcamp, you and I share a love of Jane Wooster Scott art. I was wondering if you could post some of her pictures in 300 or more pieces. Thanks in advance, and stay safe.

There is one item that is not an antique in this picture...a cat sleeping on the steps. Great picture.


doramae212, how true. I like to help people smile. Thank you very much. Haney :-)

Here' a woman making a living. Makes me smile. A lot going on. doramae212

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