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Sometimes I likes to eat some grass.

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Waf waf woof dear aunties. Yes indeed, grass is good for our digestive system. And we often eat it because the stomach doesn't feel well, but I also eat it just because I like it. Sweet licks ♥♥♥


Our Bella eats grass at times and sometimes nibbles on Gazania ♥♥♥


I think grass is good for animals' digestive systems - my cat loves to be fed grass. I always leave a patch of long grass in the garden for her. It helps to get rid of fur balls (which is why they throw it all up afterwards).


It is amazing what dogs will eat but some things are a very bad idea.


My cats all liked to eat grass. Only problem was they threw it up. Thanks, Ank.


Waf waf woof aunties. Yes most dogs like to chew some grass. I just like it. But sometimes I do it because my tummy doesn't feel well, then I mostly have bad poo. I'm glad that that doesn't happen often. ☺ Aunt Faye, I like to do that too. Then my fur looks funny. ☺ But mum doesn't like it. Sweet licks ♥♥♥


Eating grass has always made my dogs throw up, but I guess they know when they need it. Bishka doesn't do that, thankfully. Hugs..


Our Coffee used to like to roll in the fresh mowed clumps, too. :(




Simon will eat grass occasionally, too


Some dogs eat grass simply because they like the taste and texture. Other dogs tend to eat grass when their stomach is upset or gassy. The grass helps induce vomiting in order to expel whatever might be bothering the dog. I don't believe this is the case with our Bella, I think she is just playfully chewing some grass.


Yes, Elsa does too Bella ☺♥♥♥


Yes Bella cats do that sometimes too. Don't eat too much, it might make you sick. Hugs and wafs.

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