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20 Oct 2020 #2

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these and many other fabrics by various designers and manufacturers available at some images may be copyrighted. i do not claim any ownership.
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  1. wildwater13:57
  2. harryp15:12
  3. MarshaG6115:18
  4. mtols1316:00
  5. botmom1416:17
  6. ImHome17:04
  7. LokiB17:24
  8. gvickery17:44
  9. RiverSmiles17:58
  10. kiki3618:37


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Thank you, lady, upper left quadrant - Beige-y seaweed leaves, teal/turquoise drops and Flamingoes (softly pink!)


they are nice soft colours for sure


I like the beige one at the top right hand corner and the white one on the bottom row.

Thank you, Ruth.


I love the little puzzle pieces ruth......and the beige......I wear a lot of beiges......just goes with a lot I guess?? do good work.

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