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Three heads? Ohhh yes!! Right ahead!!

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  1. BarbaraL1:53
  2. Dohun2:29
  3. Anoon2:30
  4. viktorie2:31
  5. Moonbeam2:54
  6. manuela92:59
  7. sharktooth13:12
  8. vlakam3:44
  9. Robbiel4:26
  10. tanhse375:42


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SOOOO right Dagmar!! It's very important!! Thanks so very much!!


As I see our little friends are still a bit lost, and the little troll doesn't seem to be able to help them very much but perhaps he can tell them how to find someone who knows what has happened and how they can find their way again. At least it seems that they are safe at the moment and all the creatures that they encounter are friendly. :))


It's a VERY good question Robbie and a fine observation. It is a pine tree and if you had been able to see more pine trees you would have discovered that they all had this colouring!! It tells you how thick a layer of snow that usually is here in winter! Isn't it interesting? When we found out we were very excited!! The Grandpa Troll certainly has some good advice but it's a question if they can use it!! Thanks so very much Robbie!!


So I see they have met up with Grandpa Troll who is very wise and full of life's experiences. I am sure he has good advice for their trip ahead Hanne.
Nothing to do with the story Hanne, but I notice that the tree just in front of middle golden boy starts dark in colour then a few feet up the bark turns a light coloured brown. Is that due to certain animals eating the bark lower down or just the way the tree grows?
Thanks Bent and Hanne.

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