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How Many Dogs......?

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Just some light-hearted joy for the evening.
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  1. Jossvb1:17
  2. gaiagirl1:22
  3. gigi_randini1:24
  4. yarnover1:33
  5. Tex_puzz1:40
  6. Ianto1:56
  7. hags311:58
  8. gemini702:01
  9. wshealy2:03
  10. roseh2:05


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Clive - wish you could post a video of that! Enjoy your day! ama


ama, it is when the cat is getting stroked and the dog gets jealous so the cat headbutts the dog so funny to see (Just to say they are the same size). Clive.

CJ45 - thanks for your post! GREAT explanation of why the cat does what it does. I would LOVE to hear more of your ideas about cats! Thanks again - ama


Dogs are so stupid no wounder my cat head butts the dog.

Bekkabee - thank you for your comment! Gotta love dogs, and if you love dogs then you automatically have a sense of humor. Have a wonderful weekend. - ama


This was so funny! Thank you for sharing it :-)))

So very glad ya'll liked this! There is sooo much "stuff" out there that finding something that doesn't insult someone or something is tough. Ofcjec, nanab, jyl, cinders46, and redina1 - you are special for posting your comments - thank you!

Cute! Can hardly wait to show my husband! Thanks for sharing!


Funniest animal story I have read in a long time, thanks for the laugh!


Worked for a DVM for about 20 years: these all seem to be just what the various breeds (and cat) would offer in the circumstances. Whoever authored this little gem knows dogs; come to think of it, this could be a trainer or an obedience expert, or even a veterinarian.

Had border collies and this is true! I love them so much.


This is so cute! Thanks. :)

THAT sort of "knowing" is a true gift for sure. We foster older dogs and cats and can attest to the "light bulb" test. Thank you for doing the puzzle!


Friend in WA knows how dogs (and cats, too) various breeds think.

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