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chuckles 7

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I also post puzzles as PWH
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Thank you ParsonWayne for guiding me to your puzzles.
I would gladly pay for a subscription (or a PREscription) for such a remedy, but I’m afraid its all down to hard work.....or plastic surgery, and I’ve left it a bit too late for that. So I guess its the usual.... I am who I am. And then there is the saying::::Beauty is only skin deep. And you cant tell a book by its cover PLUS something added to that, you have to read more than the first chapter to get the feeling of what lies within. Fay.


They were King Fisher bird eggs. I saw one of the dead birds. I loved the visit to Noah's Ark in Kentucky. It was almost as great as my 2 trips to Israel.


@ParsonWayne Did those eggs ever hatch? What did you think of that Noah’s Ark in Kentucky? ;-)


I have already started my shopping for gift at the stores; I hope to be done before November rolls around. I refuse to go into any store after Thanksgiving, other than getting my grocery shopping done. The rest of my gift shopping, I will do online. ;-)


The Mrs. and I ate at Cracker Barrell two weeks ago and they had their Christmas displays out already - in September!


You mean Christmas is not in July; all those ads were lying to me? I have seen this medicine before, ‘As seen on TV’ those items always work and worth the $19.95 plus shipping cost. If one waits long enough you can find those items at Wal-mart in their ‘As seen on TV’ isle. LOL ;-))


That would be nice, indeed.
But just as likely as Christmas on the first of July.

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