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Someone is at the door

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My daughter's dog, Finn, has heard someone (something?) at the door. Stay tuned; over the next few days we will solve the mystery.
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  2. Horton0070:14
  3. alias2v0:14
  4. hadzi0:15
  5. Zebrapleco10:16
  6. puppsgal0:16
  7. Ianto0:16
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They are a good idea, skpy.


My mother and her mother were deaf, while we did not have a 'hearing ear dog', we supported the early efforts. I plan to get one when I retire! Or train my own more like!


dbnc, the concept of a "hearing ear" dog is not at all silly. There may be such creatures. I searched on "hearing support animals" and this came up:,dos%2C%20are%20allowed%20anywhere%20the%20public%20is%20permitted.

I don't know anything about the site, but it is something to think about.

i don't hear good i need a dog like Finn


That sounds very close to our island. There are a group, Beech Island is long and pointed towards the upper part of the lake (and dam houses on the other). There's another long island that is perpendicular to that, don't know if it has a name. Then the McVane's island that is in the corner. Our island is between McVane's and Beech. I used to kayak (before it became the rage) in a boat my Dad made! Wood ribs and fiberglass hull. I still go up there, but it is changed. About 20 years ago, very noisy with motors but now people are more into paddle, canoes and kayaks. I loe the loons. There are even more there now. A man named Mr. Cilley helped bring awareness to them. We had a pair nest off the back of our island.


He's a cutie, Suzy.

:-))) lol laurajane

Sarah, the island I'm thinking of is about half-way up the lake. The lake widens after you pass the island. My mom and I spent the entire summer* there each year. All the kids went barefoot (unless we had to go to Rochester) the entire time. I fell asleep to the cries of the loons every night. Yeah, I'm a Bow Lake boy-- it shaped me in many ways.
*My dad spent the weekends there, and went home for the work week.


Nice to meet you , Finn! You have fine ears. :))


Oh high alert! Go get 'em!


Long island near the dam houses? Our place is in the middle of the lake, beech island is the 'long' island next to our island. I, too, grew up going to Bow Lake each weekend. My parents bought the island when I was 2!!! Loved the boat decoration contests, penny candy at Thornes and fireworks on the lake! Nice to meet a kindred soul!


Alert!!! Someone - something is about to happen. I'm ready to protect my home.

When I had a cat if I were to hear an unusual noise especially at night I would look at the cat. If her ears did not perk up I knew it was OK.

Thanks, Ed.


cundiffre6, I see what you mean about the australian cattle dog. Finn is a bit smaller than they are; I thnk he's got some terrier in him. (I'm sorta the other half of Ed, so I know Finn and his family.)


louieblouie, I'm not sure, but I'd guess yes. :)

Patti, he's a very alert dog.

skpy, it would. I had the good fortune of spending the summers of my youth there. For some reason, I'm picturing Long Island in my mind. I used to fish around that island a lot. My dad was active in the Bow Lake Campowner's Association. Ed

Does the upright ear signal which direction the “someone at the door” lies?


That wouldn't be Bow Lake, Northwood/Strafford, NH would it? We own an island there!!!


So alert!


He's a sweetie, gogogo. Thanks

:-)) Francine, my daughter has undoubtedly just told him to cool it.

GojuRyu, thanks for commenting!

:-)) lol Ianto.

Understand, the doorbell has not rung, but...


Thanks for puzzle with a touch of suspense, Ed! I definitely like Finn. ☺︎♥︎


Finn's only half interested. ☺
I love dogs.

Sitting on the edge of my seat.


You know how they are, I see, cundiffre6. :-)

He has hasn't seen anything yet, Ianto. We'll just have to wait and see... :-))

What did Finn see?


Funny looking door bell! Love the ears ☺

Finn looks like an Australian Cattle Dog. If so he would already be at the door barking.

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