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windswept while weeping

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  1. EMS220815:21
  2. laurahibbitts215:24
  3. julierm15:27
  4. Annie30415:30
  5. BooRadley16:25
  6. owl216:31
  7. lobin18:35
  8. chouhibou18:42
  9. jeanacus19:55
  10. frogs19:59


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I haven't been working on it lately. Too busy working on "get out the vote" :)

I will talk with you soon. How near are you to finalising your website?


I'm glad that you are appreciating the details. I don't usually 'solve' my own puzzles so it's good feedback for me. Take care.

Thanks lobin. Actually, working on your puzzles gives a greater intimacy with them than just looking at the complete picture, but then not everyone does puzzles! It will be good to show more widely on your own website. Good luck!


Thank you.
I really only post work on Instagram and FB. I'm in the process of creating a website but not finalized yet. You can email me at if you wish.

Another interesting one! Do you have a site elsewhere to show your work? I can’t make out your signature to Google it.


@Fowly-you say the kindest things. Thank you always:)


Love your art lobin, rather in awe of it to be truthful. It’s still in the process I’m afraid, but I surely haven’t forgotten. Good health and happy days, Fay.

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