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570 by Bookish ~ in Jigidi

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570 pieces
44 solves
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  1. davedave1:57:26
  2. Cchuning3:10:38
  3. emandcraig3:14:52
  4. xstitcher73:25:52
  5. dashone3:52:24
  6. jigaddict4:10:33
  7. jeanneQ4:38:06
  8. teresal5:03:07
  9. pinkypinky5:29:57
  10. mememememe5:57:46


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Thank you very much for wanting to solve my puzzle and your tenacity in doing so. :)


Thank you! Internet was messing up, so only finished it three times! Only once from the start! Over 8 hours for final score (good thing all my time didn't get added on!)


Hee-hee, Raini. I'm surprised, and delighted of course, to see you on this puzzle. Glad you enjoyed it. As mentioned below, even the 100-piece was difficult, so can't imagine the patience needed for this size.

Lovely seeing you on jigidi. I hope all is well with you and yours. ♥


Dearest Francine ~ O..................M..................G !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 8:06:40 !!!!!!!!!!

Kindly do not post these very often because I am COMPELLED to solve them, LOL !


Well done, tenacious one. I had you in mind when adding the horizontal lines and keys/puzzle pieces. Glad they helped. Thanks for your input. When I make another one of this type, I'll make sure there's room to add the extras. :)

hat was 9 hours of fun! That was 9 hours of torture!
Please make another collection next quarter. My mind will tell me, "Don't do it!", but my spirit will always choose the largest size! I liked the 2 keys and 2 puzzle pieces that you inserted here and there. I especially liked the long, thin pale green and red horizontal lines--they were my salvation when this puzzle looked impossible!


My pleasure; thanks for letting me know you enjoyed it. Distractions are certainly needed.

Thank you for a wonderful distraction for the world! Loved the challenge!


☺ Eeek! better you than me. I found the 100ish size quite hard.
I assume you noticed the other two sizes - 360 & 228.

Gulp! 570 pieces! I'm on it! Thank you for making another collection of your puzzles. This should keep me out of trouble for two nights!

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