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A bridge too far

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  1. beatlecarol4:49
  2. mvt5:27
  3. wbewe5:29
  4. sophiegrace6:05
  5. carlana6:50
  6. jobo2mi6:57
  7. outdoordan6:59
  8. patrickw7:07
  9. SandC7:24
  10. raysbaby7:30


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Loved South Australia!
Looking forward to seeing what you discover down there!๐Ÿ”ญ๐Ÿ‘€

@echocage1 Your welcome. As I said, I hadn't thought of naming the location, but makes sense to do that.

No crocs up there, the biggest issue is getting a photo when there's no one swimming in it lol. We were back up there only a month ago and there had been good rain, so all the waterfalls are running well.

I hear you about your friends, we've been in a similar situation, just missing lockdown etc. We're now in SA and intend to be here for a couple of months at least, so fingers crossed we make some good discoveries.

Take care

Thank you! @SandC
Actually that bridge always has been a little too far off the highway in the time I've had to get back home after a trip up that way. I'm going up again in April so will see if I can get there this time, it looks a fantastic spot and hopefully no crocs, even overlanding strays??

I hope covid hasn't mucked up your travel plans too much, it's sure has been a frustrating time for travellers these last two years!

Had some friends from Germany who lobbed into Western Australia early Feb 2020 with plans to spend only a year here but had to extend their visa twice before getting home in late November this year. They ended up doing a couple of laps of Australia in that time, missing all lockdowns except the initial national one in March/April last year which they spent in outback W.A. A few of us kept them up to date with current hotspot and border requirements for where they wanted to go and sometimes it was a scramble to replot their itinerary as the situation changed. They still had a fantastic time in spite of it all.
Happy travels!๐Ÿ˜„

Sorry guys, I didn't get notified of these comments. Yes, in future I will mention where it was taken, its a good idea which I hadn't thought of.
We are travelling around Australia in our caravan, and have been for two years now. The photos I post are photos I have taken! Nothing from the internet here!
This particular image was at Little Crystal Creek in Paluma Range National Park in North Queensland.


I think many people pull scenes they love from the internet without knowing where they are. :( I would love to find some of them, too!

Can you add the name of the places of your photos please? It would be good to know if we pass through the area and we could visit some of the lovely places you and others share with us.
Cheers :)


Lovely place indeed :)


Wouldn't mind if it was closer. Looks nice.

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