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Old Classic Dutch Windmill

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The windmill is at Kinderdijk, a UNESCO heritage site
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Thank you!!
Yes, please let me know when you can travel to Europe!!

Hi Lia - thanks for your interesting summary and I am soooo happy you have been able to get away camping. Such a sense of freedom. I have just come back from an unplanned trip that took me 850 kms north to the Queensland border to a town called Tweed Heads. I lived there for 5 years from about 2005-2010. It is a lovely coastal area with much to see and do and the whole region lies in the crater of an ancient volcano called Mount Warning. It erupted 20 million years ago. As you drive along, you can follow with your eye the now tree- and vegetation-covered walls of its crater.

As you may know, Australia has not suffered as much from COVID as other areas of the world - 30,000 cases and 900 deaths. We do keep experiencing short term hot spots. Recently the state of Victoria (south of Sydney) had to lock down for a month and now as of last night it is part of Sydney - 2 weeks because of being hit by the Delta variant which is twice as infectious as the original. This means we must stay at home or face huge fines . We can only shop for food, petrol etc. ; seek medical care or fulfill compassionate needs, including getting a Covid-19 vaccine; exercise outdoors in groups of 10 or fewer; attend essential work or education if you can't work or study from home. Masks are compulsory for every type of venue including work. This lockdown could be extended to a month if our health experts can't nip it in the bud.

Meanwhile, we have been able to travel freely around our own state since March, and then other state borders have opened for travel recently. None of this has been difficult for me, but many people have suffered mentally because all their shallow life interests, modern perks and "toys" have been suspended.

My main interest though is travelling to Europe as soon as possible, of course only to "safe" countries. Our national government is now saying that once fully vaccinated, we may be able to travel internationally. So far, we have all been forced to stay home except for exceptional circumstances; i.e. sick relatives abroad. And even if we can go, we have to isolate at both ends of the trip. Mind you, all along, this government has totally mismanaged the emergency and the vaccine roll-out. Our states have been the real heroes, forcing it to do the right thing in most instances.

So that's it from me now ...will let you know when I will come to Europe. All the best ...and keep enjoying your camping !!


All is well here, especially with me. Covid is nearly beaten - for the time being - as 55% of the Dutch have been vaccinated. They are putting 1,5 million vaccinations per week now, so everybody above 18 (they are talking about the younger ones...) can be vaccinated soon.
Therefore lots of rules have been loosened. Café's, restaurants are open, but must note who comes in and when 'moving' in a building one has to wear a mask. Not at a table.
Schools are back to normal. High schools asking students to test 2 x week. But I am sure most don't! They can have Covid, but not feel ill, so they don't feel it is important. They do of course make other people ill (parents, teachers,) that are not yet vaccinated, or are weak.
Since end of March I am on campingsites, alone, with my caravan and with dog Bambi. I have travelled mostly along the coast of South Holland, which is along the North Sea. Had 2 months of cold, wet and often bad weather, but since end of May the weather is very nice and sometimes even hot. I am therefore staying for 5 weeks on a nice, small campingsite, lying against the dunes, and 1 mile from the sea (walking).
In July I will go visit a friend who also lives near the sea coast and then - probably - go home...
After being in the house for over a year it is a great freedom to be in the caravan and seeing other views / towns / nature.
How lovely you to are travelling and seeing places you used to live.
When you come to Europe it will be winter here... so I hope you don't freeze too much then! You are welcome here!

HI LIA - GOOD TO SEE YOUR COMMENT. HOPE YOU ARE WELL ... whoops - needed to cancel big format .... Is COVID-19 still a big issue in the Netherlands? Australia is almost Covid-free, aside from a few hotspots that break out temporarily. At the moment I am in the north of New South Wales in a place called Tweed Heads where I used to live 9 years ago. I am enjoying revisiting my old haunts. Today I will do some snorkelling. All the best ... I hope to be in Europe for a visit in 6 months or so ...


One of the many mills, in a row, in Kinderdijk!

Many need to be restaurated (repaired), so lets hope UNESCO also gives some money to do it!

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