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Raven sleeping in the drapes

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I only see her once of so a year.
That is the Chow's job, to keep you safe.


That could be it, then. She just needs to know you better. Our Chow, or I should say MY Chow, would position herself between me and a stranger until she was sure of their intentions. Then she would offer her paw to them.

Maybe, but she is not use to me.


I have never understood how animals pick people they like. My husband's Chow that he had twenty years ago when we first got married became my dog and I don't like dogs. She growled at my husband because he argued with me once, and he raised her from a tiny puppy. Maybe your oldest niece's dog is jealous of the time she spends with you.

Oh no, two more!?!
My oldest niece's dog does not like me for some reason. And I am a dog person.


Then I will have to work on getting her to like my daughter and granddaughter.

That would be a good thing, when she warms up to him.


My husband's feral cat tolerates him touching him for a few seconds. Raven won't let him get that close. She is still very young, though. I imagine she will become friendlier with time.

I hope so.


Oh, my goodness! Cats are so small, you don't realize the damage they can do. They panic and don't realize their own strength. The next morning after Raven bit my husband, he woke up for work to find her sitting on my desk keyboard tray, watching a movie with me. He shook his head and said, "See, this is why I hate cats." She turned around and buried her face in my chest. Later that day, he went out and bought her thirty dollars worth of treats. Now he has taken to feeding a big, black feral cat outside. He says, "MY cat loves me."

Raven is a sweetie that I like looking at and reading about to get acquainted with her.

My partner is a cat person. But soon after we brought shy, formerly feral, Ebony home, we needed to move him to a better isolation room (the adjacent bedroom). He panicked and didn't want to be cornered, Ebony bit my partner through the thumbnail, sending him to a doctor for the first time in years. And I needed bandaging after Ebony clawed me. (We did manage to get him transferred.) Now Ebony is quite attached to my partner and tolerant of me even though I'm the one who initially fell in love with him.


I think that she will warm up to him in time. She is a sweet, loving little cat.

Maybe in time she will warm up to him. It seams that he might have scared her.


He doesn't understand cats. He's a dog person and never really liked cats. When we got her from the shelter, they advised us that many of the kittens suffered from depression and had suffered abuse and neglect, so go gently. So, of course the first thing he did was to put on a pair of work gloves and try and catch her. She bit right through the glove. Since then, he has a healthy respect for her and she plays up to him to get treats and then runs from him.

Good that she wants to be with you.
Is that a hint with hubby?


She always wants to be where I am, so at least I don't have to worry about my husband sitting on her, and she hides in the bay window from company.

That is not good. On the sitting down part.
Most of the time is a good thing.


Usually, I know where she is, but I have learned to be very careful about where I sit down.

Good for her, And you know where she is.


That is exactly what she likes, Ianto. If there is a warm spot in the house, she finds it, or makes her own warm spot.

Nice and warm.


Thank you, mother123456. Cats are the best pets, so loving and sweet.

I love cats too! Thanks Raven2.


Thank you, Ilovejigidicats! She is funny, the way she gets cozy with any kind of material she can get hold of.

Raven is beautiful ❤️

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12 July 2020 - 14 February 2017
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