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I knew a cat that wouldn’t give you such clear instructions - it was always walking into the unknown as to how many pets you would be allowed :))
(He was a lovely cat though.)

Yes....... I know this is meant to be a joke (haha).
But when you reach across a cat's face to pet him, you will be lucky to have 3 chances before he reacts! First show the back of your hand (as with dogs, horses, etc....) for him to know you do not pose a threat, then pet from the side and he will respond to your gentleness, feral cats not always withstanding.

JUST LIKE MY MARBLES. He is a semi-feral cat who only comes to me.So he is safe , at least , for me..

Katzen Katzen Katzen

my cat indeed


LOL I hear that! OK, maybe

Why this advertisement?