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He was doing a bit of a song & dance in the Jacaranda tree this morning. Notice how he has his crest raised slightly.
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  1. Dinty0:18
  2. Robbos0:19
  3. rubybrewsday0:23
  4. snooker0:24
  5. mom930:25
  6. dickiedodo0:25
  7. Yarmyboots0:26
  8. Beekay0:26
  9. karkulka20:26


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Many thanks for posting Galahs are my very favourite Ozzie native birds the lovely grey & pink is beautiful Jeannie K.


Gorgeous Galah Robyn!


I'm pleased you liked them Cathy - thanks :)))


Wow!! Thank you Rob for these wonderful pictures. : )


Thanks snooker - I really like the colour mix too :)))
Thanks Janet - I thought you meant them :))

Sure like the looks of that bird. Thanks for the pretty collage.


Yes Rob, they are Apostle Birds, so noisy and bossy! Hugs.


Thanks Sally - we're lucky to see so many in the city!!!


Galahs are such beautiful birds... Thanks for the spekkie collage, Rob.... (。◕‿◕。)


Were the 'Happy Families' the Apostle birds Janet? I suppose they would raise their crest if threatened also - it makes sense!!! Thanks!!!


Lovely collage, Rob. Yes they are fun to watch. We had a pair come to the feeder this morning, then a huge crowd of "Happy Families" arrived and one Galah just gave up, but the other one sat in the tree with his crest up, so maybe it's a threat as well as a showing off signal.

Hugs, janet


LOL!! Not me chookie :))))

I don't know Beekay - there are always some of them around, but both genders look exactly the same to me!! Maybe he/she was showing off :))) Thanks!!

I think you're spot on there Dave - and it worked for me :)))) Thanks!


"Look at me!" "Look at me!"


Was he trying to attract a lady?


I really enjoy watching them Barb - you never know what they'll do next:))) Thanks!!


He sure is a beauty, Rob :) Once again, I envy you to live where those parrots live too :)


He was doing his bobbing & dancing Shirley - it was fun to watch :))) Thanks!!


The centre bottom picture, you captured him showing off like they often do, good one Rob, Thanks.


Thanks Lyndee - his soft continuous chuckle made me go outside to see what he was up to!!


He's a real beauty.

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