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my 3 dogs
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  1. GJDENT2:02
  2. MsBecca602:19
  3. saladlover2:21
  4. hadzi2:33
  5. peggysuss2:51
  6. AgnesV2:53
  7. Rackles2:56
  8. songbirdj3:09
  9. turkaloo3:39
  10. Baddog3:52


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Patience is a key factor. My son has 3 Med., large & larger. The largest is the Alaskan Malamute. He has the patience of a saint especially when they all want his attention. LOL Its a circus.

at first 3 dogs were to much. I am used to them now and dont know what I would do with out them.....

I beat everyone on the leaderboard. I knew it would be easier than the other puzzle.

Don't write messages to the Logan because he isnt very nice and even if you say something nice about the puzzle he says don't be a critic.

I would like to know for people that have more then 1 dog how do they manage to look after them all.? It is hard to look after more then 1 dog. I have seen someone with 4 dogs on a lead.


dear songbird. No, there is coconut the mom and two of her babes. charlie and chachi. And spdean, Maltese mix with a little poodle. thanx for asking


SO cute! Are they triplets?


Bichon Frise pups? I have one now that totally occupies the place. Imagine what three would do!
OMG! Thanks for sharing this gem!

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