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"Trimming the Whiskers"

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Charles Spencelayh was a British painter. He was born in Rochester, Kent, and studied at the Royal College of Art and in Paris. Spencelayh specialized in anecdotal domestic scenes in the tradition of Victorian genre painting, most typically showing old codgers pottering around in junk shops or other cluttered interiors. From 1892 until the year of his death he exhibited fairly regularly at the Royal Academy, a record for longevity that has rarely been exceeded. Critics generally regarded his work as trivial and outmoded, but the public voted his Why War? (Harris Museum and Art Gallery, Preston) ‘Picture of the Year’ at the RA exhibition in 1939 (in wartime he often appealed to national sentiment by depicting patriotic themes or including patriotic details). He appreciated the value of a good title: part of his income came from reproduction of his works on calendars, greetings cards, and so on, and he once altered the title of a picture (showing a man reading a bank statement) from Overdrawn at the Bank to A Good Balance, changing it from a non-seller to one that he said ‘went like hot cakes’.
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  1. Dilubreuer0:33
  2. emilym0:39
  3. andie9830:44
  4. greet490:49
  5. greho0:52
  6. jte47880:55
  7. Konen40:56
  8. BobbieB1:04
  9. skaygonzo1:04
  10. theriault561:05


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Thank you for your comments Isaly, PutterDutt, PW and websum. I did update the artist's year of birth and year of death. Sorry forgot to add that for all of you.

So what was the year of his death?


THERE'S my PW groan for the evening.


He could go to a clip joint and get it done, too, for the shear delight of it.


Love the concentration. I sit on my husband's lap to trim his beard, so he doesn't have to concentrate so hard. :o)


I'm glad the public voted his Why War "Picture of the Year". I like the subdued colors in this to show the man's face well trimming his whiskers.

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