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1972 Mercury Marquis Brougham Pillard HT, color Ginger Glamor. Sticker price when new $5400.00
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  1. goodallman7:46
  2. opallia8:44
  3. Glenb11:29
  4. Tomknut12:10
  5. JJim12:23
  6. phxsrg12:47
  7. LENNIE12:51
  8. RickAgain12:58
  9. Montclair13:14
  10. versuch13:30


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I didn't say anything "not nice". In fact, I said it was a "nice puzzle" and smiled. I just happen to find most Mercurys from about 1965 on a bit boring in the styling department.


I once had a '72 Marquis wagon. I likened driving it to an aircraft carrier. Seemed like that hood went on forever.


A nice puzzle of one of the more boring cars of the period :)


This car has cornering lights. I expect that it also has cruise control. When I was shopping for my car (identical to this), when I told the salesman that I wanted cruise control and corning lights it eliminated all of their stock of Marquis except 2 or 3 cars.

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