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Best Christmas Gift ever...New Grandson

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Elliot Sebastion Lennox
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He is so pretty, and now he's such a big guy at 4 1/2. I'm sure he's still Grandma's pride and joy.


a happy family


Grandchildren are wonderful. I have four grandchildren !!


dear jenny - so precious ~~~~ congrats - we are also got a lovely present xxx our new grandson Raveh was born on the 19th of September - very special - just sad cos they live far from us overseas - we were lucky to spend two weeks with them - our other 2 grandsons of 8 and 11are about 10 mins from us


What a beautiful gift of Christmas. Congratulations jennylmoon. ----bing)----------
Qué bonito regalo de navidad. Felicitaciones jennylmoon.


Thank you for the kind comments.....yes I am in heaven now....first grandchild.

You have a beautiful baby. I know how you feel. I got a new Great Grand Daughter three weeks ago.


What a wonderful 'present', jennylmoon -- little Elliot is adorable! Everyone looks happy -- well, mom a bit tired, but we know how *that* goes! ;-) Congrats all the way around.

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