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Just Happy Hearts for Today

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  1. leolo14:35
  2. dotshell15:28
  3. Trish23717:09
  4. tricia7517:20
  5. webpeggy17:30
  6. jeje20:03
  7. jusme22:39
  8. sprywidow91524:41
  9. grandmapegs24:42
  10. mankowski124:47


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Beautiful Happy Hearts and puzzle , thanks grandmapegs !


Peg, this puzzle is just delightful! I enjoyed having so many different color frames, especially the ones with reds and the large one with black inside. The brooch I would like is the blue and white one made of porcelain. Thanks for the puzzle. Dotty


Trish, family get togethers are so wonderful. Family is coming tomorrow here to celebrate Our great grandson's second birthday. Isaac, who moved in with us last month will be two. So fun to have a toddler in the house.
Thirteen is a wonderful houseful, I hope it was a delight. fish n chips sounds wonderful. We are doing BBQ chicken. Life is so grand when the family is about!!!! Our son, four teen to adult grandkids, the great little one - plus - we will total just nine, but it will be marvelous just to be together. Hope your weekend is awesome.


Oh I forgot to ask how the fires were doing -since we haven't seen them on the news they slipped my mind. News here is all about the elections which happen on Saturday. It's all we hear every day - I'll be pleased when it's over and life gets a bit more interesting news-wise. Good to hear the smoke has lessened - it must be horrid to have no choice but to breathe that in day in and day out. With summer on its way I hope we don't get fires like that.
I'm looking forward to tomorrow night, we're doing a family fish n chip night - all 13 of us. Happy Thursday to you! ☺️


Trish, autumn is in the air here, going to get col tonight. Can hardly wait until we get a good freeze so the apples sugar up and I can can some. Nearby fires are all contained an the air quality is finally almost normal, again. Has been a hard six weeks of smoke. Enjoy the rest of your week.


Thanks Grandmapegs - so good to see your puzzles come up on my feed today, only the big one to go. Might leave it till later as I have to go into work soon. We are well into Spring but had a cold snap last night and even got snow on the passes that run through the middle of the South Island - lucky I covered the seedlings! Happy Thursday - hope it's a great one ☺️

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