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hmyzí domeček, Česká republika ........

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....... Insect Houses - insect houses or insect hotels have recently been a fairly fashionable affair not only of purely natural gardens.
Insect house / hotel is usually wooden, or. concrete or plastic construction filled with different kinds of natural material. People produce them for insects in order to provide a substitute environment. Because insects find less and more suitable places for their development not only in the urban environment.
In spite of all the passing away of all fashion fads, however, the construction of insect shelters is even more justified in the longer term.
They are not only an ornamental element in the garden, they are also practical and useful.
They attract insects in the garden, which will take care of pollination (which we will appreciate especially for fruit trees and shrubs). It will also help fight pests. All ecologically.
We will also help the surrounding countryside. All species of bees and insects have been rapidly declining over the last few decades in order to destroy their natural habitat.
It depends on the imagination and the skill of each of us, but in any case we will not need much to produce such a smaller insect hotel or house. almost everything we find in the wild.
The base of the insect hotel will be a wooden structure. A "bottomless" box is enough (after remodeling, for example, a pallet or wooden box). Manually skilled individuals can make all kinds of houses.
As for the "rooms" of the insect hotel, respectively. its filling can be used for cane straws, dry grass, straw, moss, flaming sticks, bamboo sticks, branches with soft flesh, sunflower or split stems, old perforated bricks, wooden poles with holes, wooden cuttings, cones, pots or holes with drilled holes of about 3-10 mm in diameter.
In the wooden structure of the insect dwelling (you can find the manual here), you will gradually fill the natural material, which will create gullies and corridors, ideal for hiding, staying and other insect life.
We will leave the back of the hotel "open" to make the insect room accessible from both sides. The only exception is the mesh in the back and possibly the front. We should not forget that it does not become an insect hotel "bird feeder". There is no need to treat the surface of the wood in any way.
On the lower floors, for example, the earliest hunters, the tall bees of the solitary, are housed.
An insect hotel does not necessarily have to be too large if we do not have enough space in the garden, but the miniature size of the bird booth is enough.
We produce insect hotels for insect species. About 500 species live there. The insect hotel will become an important replacement biotope for them to ensure the continuation of their family.
The most frequent inhabitants of the insect hotel are, for example, reed bees, bumblebees, some wasps, butterflies, petals, golden beetles, crayfish or ladybirds.
The more people we attract to our garden, the more benefit we will have of them.
An insect hotel is recommended to be located best on the south side and a place where it does not blow too much.
As a rule, the same day when we install an insect house in the garden, the first insect residents arrive.
In the hole, first feed the food in the form of pollen, then lay eggs and eventually snap the aperture. The larvae are hatched from eggs, which then become puppies and survive the winter.
In the next year, the entire generation cycle will be repeated. Therefore, we know the absorbed openings according to the fact that they have a closed, slatted entrance ..........
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