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Yet another doll!

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This one also reminds me of my son! Could not find the price! Probably best I don't!
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hi sweet dear friend - only got on now and its 5.45pm am going out at 6.30 so will prob get on when i get home about 10ish again xxxx hopefully going to download my photos - hope the computer does not crash xxxxxxxxxxxx LOL LOL LOL


Can't believe I missed you Brighty! I am SO bummed! I just checked in real quick and then went out! If I had only known.... Can't wait to see some of your 700 pictures! Glad you had a wonderful time but also glad you are home safe and sound! Bet your grandsons were excited to see you and grandpa! Maybe we will check in tomorrow around the same time! Busy weekend!


hello dear joyful - i am back home - we had the most wonderful holiday xxxxx jsut missed you all like crazy!!!!!! gosh these dolls are so lifelike xxxxxxx too adorable - of course my little grandson is too sweet for words too - have loads of pics - about 700 to download - scared it will crash my computer so am not doing it just yet - have to ask a friend for some advice first !!! Hope you been well xxx i look forward to doing your puzzles soon ----- and of course to catch up on our chats xxx LOL and many hugs


The realism is outstanding! He is quite the little charmer! Grins and smiles!


Hugs to you too Dollcollector! Glad you are having a relaxing weekend! I am trying to play catch up around here from being sick all week.


Hello joyful and crackerjack, hope you all don't eat all the Halloween candy
this year, fortunately, or unfortunately, I didn't get to the store this week,
I will have a quiet time tonight hopefully, porch light off, however I do have
a big light over the garage doors that is on from dusk to dawn. I will finish
my David Balducci book and start on another novel, I am taking it easy this
weekend and recovering from having worked outside. Oh, yes, joyful, I
agree with you little denim bib overalls would look so precious on him, I
remember your saying that this doll reminded you of your son. Later and
hugs to both of you sweet jigidi members.


Hard to believe it is not a real baby, absolutely sweet. Thanks for posting


You are most welcome ladies! I would love to have this one too! Only I would put him in denim bib overalls! Jeans look funny on a baby!


Joyfulnoise4, what a little bundle of joy. Thanks for posting


These doll babies are so absolutely adorable, makes me want a baby,
or a grand baby or a great grand baby! I couldn't find a price list, I guess
if I have to ask, I can't afford it.

I worked outside this afternoon and evening cutting back Vinca Major
groundcover, I got quite a bit done, but am no way finished. I am going
to put something down to keep some of it from growing back so I can plant
annual flowers in some beds. I am worn out, time for bed. Night! Thanks
for the puzzles, I am enjoying them.

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