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Cold Clear Water

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35 pieces
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  1. JM_Cookie1:11
  2. canoekaw1:39
  3. introvertka1:40
  4. frava731:42
  5. MeMaw231:48
  6. Ejc1:51
  7. Pekaji2:06
  8. Ianto2:27
  9. tinker30022:32
  10. coverlet652:37


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Good for you, stay safe :-)


We already had our first ice and snow with drivers sliding all over. I learned never to slam on your brakes and not break on a bridge, anticipate the road ahead.


I hope you get your shot and I pray the driving is ok.
We go through two weeks of crazy driving every winter as all the people have to learn how to drive in the snow again. Some people remember faster than others but it takes a few of the new drivers a bit longer to master it.


Our winter storm is expected Monday. The same day my dear husband is supposed to get his first covid vaccine at 8:30 am. Come H____ or snow I will get him there. I was not so lucky to be picked to get a ticket to our first round of vaccinations. But my sister-in-law did so I signed her up for 10:30. I might get lucky because I know many Kansas refuse to drive in the snow. Hopefully, then I might get a vaccination from someone who cancels at the last minute. My niece was refusing to drive because of the snow which is why I am doing all the driving.

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