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  1. Pooka0:50
  2. monicaarmintrout1:04
  3. javasage1:24
  4. minsann1:25
  5. Catethulhu1:29
  6. sue11:36
  7. Toto441:39
  8. like921151:43
  9. wimaweigh1:44
  10. zigsma1:45


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Hi, sparkles. Thank you for a kind message. I have had little time to be here these days and too late to notice your message. Very happy to be here tonight . Have a nice jigi time.

Hi, Jo. Great fun to read your comment by your nice imagination. My puzzle has got a sudden change by your message. Thank you.

Hi, Sue. Finally I have got here and read your message. Mother is not so healthy these days and I go to her every day. I always think of jigidi, but often too tired to sit here. My little world seems to start to change, though I always wish not. Thank you for your message as usual. Have a nice day!


This was quite a mixture today, Sachi. Thanks. Have a good week. 1:36


Love all the little swirley thingies, (some remind me of hard candies!), and the bevel cut "jewel" squares!! Lovely colors, and designs!! Thanks for making!! :)


Thanks Sachi, that was fun! Lots of different textures and prints make it interesting.

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