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Jack Russell Terrier today...

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It's often interesting to note the appearance of certain dog breeds in paintings a century or more in the past. This puzzle is a companion puzzle and a counterpoint to Bommom's 'Carl Reichert -- Jack Russell' puzzle (see There is also a bit of confusion about three different breeds: the Parson, Jack Russell, and Russell terriers. For more on that discussion, see for one perspective on the subject.

Photo by Radosław Drożdżewski (Zwiadowca21)
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  2. Jossvb9:04
  3. ronijo9:51
  4. sararocks9:54
  5. pholmes10:12
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Thanks Sara! I just love the "C'mon! Are you ready?!?" look on her face. So, so ready to play!

How did I miss this puzzle....I'm a BIG JRT fan...I've had 3,,,never had a breed that gets in SO MUCH trouble and still be SO full of Love.....By the way, that rope toy is on my living room floor right now...thanks so much for sharing...


You got that right Bill, Erika and Pat. All for your own individual observations of course. ;-)


Definitely a wired-for-action breed.


Well Andy, the Modern King Charles in your photo is certainly a pup anyone could admire and adore---so who care about that old missing link!


She's a cutie, all right. Thanks, Andy.


A valiant effort, no doubt Gayle. I see that Sir Edwin Henry Landseer also did a painting of a pair, but it was dark and they look scared! Maybe a good photo will do the trick until we can come up with something better:


I'm not able to find a King Charles Spaniel, either. I looked back in my backlog of downloaded paintings (of which several months I ditched when I was trying to lighten my ancient computer), and find none there. I see that Édouard Manet painted one, but it doesn't look like it would make an interesting puzzle--too dark...


I think that sums it up pretty well, and I too can't seem to find that King Charles Spaniel puzzle. Perhaps Gayle remembers it? I do so agree about the handsome lass picture here! Thank you Erika!


The evolution of 'Jack" has taken the attention of Bommon devotees before:

We probably all recall other canine portraits posted by Gayle that have evoked similar discussions. It seems to be a pattern that many of us prefer those earlier dogs over today's AKC standards and I particularly remember a very handsome King Charles Spaniel but failed to find the puzzle. The Lady we see here however, would be hard to beat. What a look!! Thank you Andy!


Yes! She is happy - she has her toy and is ready to PLAY! Thank's for stopping by Joss!


Great looking dog. Love it's happy little face.


I don't either Gayle and I'm not sure that I care. But it is a nice looking dog! Thanks!


I don't know enough about dog breeds to discern if this is a substantial change. I'm guessing that old jack is more petite with a slimmer muzzle and more-relaxed ears. This year's version of jack needs his harness adjusted so that it doesn't rub his shoulder when he tries to have fun. Neat puzzle, Andy. :-)

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