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Looking toward Lake Superior

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Taken October 11, 2021
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  1. era40:25
  2. Teagardener0:28
  3. Grump0:28
  4. alansnell0:29
  5. glenestele0:30
  6. pavla70:33
  7. Robert500:40
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Yes, Mila. I'd love to have a spot like this nearby for refreshing.


Oh yes, Ianto is right.


This one is the one I called an "estuary", which is not one, but by where the chairs are there is another of those stone slabs retention wall or sort of border, like the one by the bridge. And happy to hear there used to be two chairs. Is a silly thing of mine, only one chair means solitude... just makes me sad. Some people don't mind.



I agree with that, Ianto.

It might or might not. Just a great spot to sit and think.


Perhaps, Ianto. I really don't know if this little river has fish.

A fishing spot?


You have good eyes, Mila. This is all on the grounds of the Mansion in Duluth, MN, called Glensheen. Actually there were two chairs there. You can see them here:


On solving and zoomed is even more enticing. There is obviously a property near by, there is a chair and fire pit ... only one chair...

That I did, People love your photos.


I wasn't evening attention to the solves, Ianto. Thanks for noticing!

62 solves can't be wrong. You are welcome.


I like that phrase, Mila, a "conversation between [the photographer] and nature." Thank you.
Thanks much, Old Git.
You're sweet, Ianto. Thank you.

Another photo that is making people happy.


Great shot, thank you :~)


Li not everyone has the eye for the best compositions, the camera quality helps, but ultimately is the conversation between you and nature.


My photos can only record what I see, Sylvia. This was a beautiful spot. Thanks.


You did an amazing photo again, Li. Thank you so much!



You're welcome, Ianto.
It was beautiful there, Mila. Thanks.
Oh, thank you, Mary!

One of your prettiest puzzle scenes!


Great spot, ty Li!

Good morning Li. thank you for more wonderful pictures.

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