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My Front Yard

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Manicured lawns are over-rated, in my humble opinion. At least that's my excuse for the more natural look for my front yard. Just love those Texas bluebonnets.
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WOW! I see there's something to be said for living "down south," too! This is amazing!


Who on earth would need 'an excuse' for the look of this front yard??? This IS what I call a very well-kept place - and I envy you big time for it! Thanks for sharing the beautiful view!


You are right dalelawler !! Your front yard is simply beautiful and the bluebonnets breathtaking. Many thanks for sharing.
(I went to your Jigidi profile and read your personal information. How happy you must be living with all your family around). Enjoy the day and stay safe. Greetings, Concepcion


This is a sight I would love to see. We don't have these beauties in England to my knowledge


I miss the Texas bluebonnets every spring I'm back here in Kentucky.


What a beautiful place to live!! Wonderful!! Greetings!!


Would prefer this one too, so natural!

You have a beautiful yard without all of the work who could ask for more.


Thanks for the kind comments, ladies. The bluebonnets bloom for only a few weeks, but are so beautiful and smell so heavenly that they are worth inconvenience. After they make their seed pods, but before the pods are completely dry and split open, I'll pull up several plants and toss them on a new area. New plants will sprout in the fall rains.


I agree...awesome!! How long do they bloom?

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