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Autumn Assortment - KaleidoBOARDS!

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40 pieces
80 solves
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  1. Camelot1:13
  2. monza0061:22
  3. Surreal_Heidi1:39
  4. pdevredis1:42
  5. LexieD1:47
  6. javasage1:48
  7. rockbit1:50
  8. Sissel1:52
  9. MikeRita2:02
  10. Chikkee2:02


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Thank you, Sissel! I am so glad you enjoyed them!


I love the colours of this day - thanks for sharing :-)


You are so welcome, Mandy!!


I once bought a Japanese maple, but it was too windy in my garden and all the leaves fell of!!! I agree that they do turn the most beautiful colours in the autumn. Thanks for these boards JB.


Ladies - you are such teases! We were planning to go to the Japanese Gardens here and Hubby got his injury. Then, I was going by myself and it started pouring rain. So I missed the full glory this year. They have so many maples and other lovely trees! Jealous, Jealous, Jealous!!
And Hester, tell your OH there is always room for 1 more! :D


I'm very glad to see that the banderillas have disappeared in this puzzle. They've instead turned into one of those pretty paper cocktail decorations. Autumnal pina colada anyone? :-D

I love acer trees too. My OH is besotted by them and would fill the garden with them If allowed! We have about 8 of various colourings but my favourite is a red trunked one whose leaves ( what's left! ) are now a delicious orange with red and amber tips. They are always worth the garden space. :-)


I love the tree--we planted it when we first moved in, and it was about 2 feet tall. Now it's huge, multi-trunked and with an uplifted canopy of branches--just gorgeous! But those tiny leaves are a real pain to rake! :-D


Thanks so much, Hanne!! I'm happy you liked them!

Pat - IMHO, Japanese maples are the most beautiful of all fall trees. The variety of colors they produce are just unbelievably beautiful. So glad you get to see one every day!


Most of the leaves around here, just like last year, seem to have turned just yellow and brown, but my Japanese red maple, which I can see from the desk, is finally adding shades of red to the mix. So I was so glad to see the colors here--this looks the way Autumn SHOULD look, in all its fiery glory! Thanks, Jan!


Oh, these are tremendously terrific, Jan!! Thanks so very much!


Glad you had fun, Ardy!


2:49. I stopped to enjoy it along the way and missed the board. But I had a good time. Thanks, Jan.


You are so welcome, Pat!


Good challenge thanks Jan

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