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Ute Herrmann art

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  1. Dclo2:03
  2. era42:57
  3. LilRainDrop3:14
  4. megrae3:15
  5. EmmieH3:20
  6. musicelephant3:33
  7. pasta3:40
  8. cnuoffer3:44
  9. Lincath3:45
  10. rozeshan3:56


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Where is Teresa....She hasn't been on since last year????? Hope you are OK


I love to see the pictures of stairs, too, but they are so sneaky. You know they are always up to something.


It is me again, Teresa. The message below this one was typed by you in June and now it is October and I'm really worried about you. I was hoping that since you were doing "much better" in the comment below, I would be seeing you soon but each day I check and you are not here. I SO HOPE AND PRAY you are not having more health problems or are so sick you are not able to get on Jigidi. I miss you and want you well and happy and posting and chatting like you once did. I have even tried to contact Cecelia but she hasn't been on since 2017. Please take care of yourself and as soon as you feel up to it, please let me/us know how you are, my friend. I just hope you are OKAY. Many hugs and good thoughts are spinning through the air toward you to let you know I care. Hope all is well and okay soon, dear lady.


Hi, dear Donna! Happy you liked it! The same happens to me, I love to see stairs on paintings! Thank you so much for your very nice comment and for your lovely words and good wishes! Yes, my friend, I'm doing much better. :) Hope you have a beautiful Sunday! Lots of hugs and blessings! ♥♥♥


Lol, Sharon! I agree with you! :)) So glad you liked this pianting and thanks for the nice comment!


Thank you, Bobbie, for your lovely comment! Happy you enjoyed it, my friend! ♥☼♥


Oh, Parson, you really are very ingenious! :)) So glad you liked it and thank you for making me laugh!


I totally agree, Evelyn! Happy you liked this painting and artist! Thank you for your lovely comment!


Hi, Teresa. This is a great painting and very lovely. I have always seemed to be drawn to any nice painting with stairs up to an apartment or up to the house or anything like this painting. I just love the style, I guess, and I don't even do stairs anymore. :-)) Thank you for posting this today. I also love the flowers. Great puzzle too. It is so good to see you this morning and I hope you are doing much, much better. Many hugs, my friend.


Pretty. I like the style. I am just worried about those stairs. There looks like there isn't any support for them and they look like cement. Well, we will let Parson Wayne "stair" at them for a long time. lol. Sharon ;-D


Another beautiful painting. I like this artist. Thank you Teresa.☺♥♥


That is a beautiful set of flowers and steps. I could stair at it for a long time.

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