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Today we remember Goofie and Leika, which we're missing so deeply. And in this moment Jimmy is under general anesthetic at the vet because she has to do dental treatments and the annual vaccination. I'm very conderned about him they found his heart sounds became stronger. But five minutes ago they called and said, I can get him home at four in the afternoon.
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  1. Snoefsnuif5:19
  2. DeDonder5:35
  3. babray5:40
  4. scbrown6:02
  5. Lynetteoz6:31
  6. ATF16:32
  7. Impie6:54
  8. anan7:08
  9. lindaleigh7:22
  10. cbmuller7:33


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How are you and Jimmy doing today, maegi? your back still hurting?


Thank you Rustycat....I do remember your comments as Agathe.
Goofie's kidneys were slowly poisoning him...he wasn't too sick (yet) but the last few days you could see he wasn't feeling well either and since I had made him a promise to never let him suffer. He kept looking at me with those glassy eyes as if to say "what's happening...HELP ME"......
The decision to let him go was hard but was made out of love for him. Hearing my son's and my voice while we softly talked to him and with the touch of our hands he died very peaceful on the Vet's table!


Jimmy, I know you are home by now and feeling much much better. Keeping dental work up to date is really very important and I know you know that. After about 24 hours you will feel even better then before you went to the vet.

Poor Jimmy! It will be a better day tomorrow!


I hope by now Jimmy is home and you are both feeling better. Anesthetic takes a lot out of them so be gentle with him...and yourself. Lots of love sent your way. ❤️

To impie... i did not play for awhile, but my old iPad went kaput, so I was Agathe on the old one. Did not remember my password, so took a new one

To impie...i am so sorry and very sad about Goofie...he was my favorite cat after Monsieur Chat.. I sent him my love on the rainbow bridge. Hope he did not suffer.

Love to you too


Hope Jimmy is home and feeling better. Both you and Impie have been in my thoughts today ♥


Oh maegi....poor guy....I'm keeping my fingers crossed Jimmy will be fine once he is back home with you. Keep him warm and please give him a cuddle for me....♥♥♥ may have not been on Jigidi for a while....Goofie died last month (4.September) you can check out my puzzle page where he said his last Goodbye to all his Fans!
Thank you for your sympahty....

Was looking for Goofie for awhile...was wandering.....oh, so sad ...could you tell Impie how sorry i am....loosing a companion is just so sad. What happen ?


My best regards to Jimmy... hope you will enjoy his company for more many years... ♥

So glad lovely Jimmy is all right. Good to hear from you both.


maegi, I am sure your darling Jimmy will be fine. I do understand how upsetting it is when a beloved pet has to have anaesthetic but I am sure he will be safely home with you once more. ♥♥

Yes, both Leika and Goofie are remembered by all with great affection. ♥


I hope all goes well!


Sounds a little scary maegi - please keep us all informed about our beloved Jimmy :-)

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