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GinaMarie: Yes, I can

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sleep anywhere!
In this one she has her head balanced, right after it she tipped it down to her foot ☺☺☺
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I'm glad your visiting and yes, this crew is very entertaining. GinaMarie is a hoot awake or asleep. I've got some updates I need to post today or tomorrow.
And right back at you, Happy New Year (Lunar), Valentine's and Family Day (and I learned something!

Betty, I have so many of your puzzles bookmarked yet have been doing too few. Some members of your crew are especially entertaining, even when sleeping. Planning to visit more often.
Happy Lunar New Year (today)
Happy Valentine's Day (Sunday)
Happy Family Day (in many Canadian provinces on Monday)

I understand that! For years I've managed not to step on feet and suddenly I cannot put a foot down withotut landing on someone's toes, and getting a"YEEEOOOOWWWWLLLL!" ☺♥☺♥


But you wouldn't, would you? :))

After three years, I still check where I put my feet when in the loft whilst hanging my washing on the line. Did this for 16 years because Goofie was always "helping" when I hung up the washing, especially the long sheets/duvet cover were 'tricky' ! ☺☺

Be3lieve it or not, no! Unless I forget and just sit down in the chair too hard! ☺☺☺


She certainly has good balance. Does she ever slide off from the back of the chair? ☺♥☺

She is a mess, and an alarm clock; although the last week or so the days getting shorter have put her on snooze! She normally is about 5-20 minutes before getting up time with her "Siamese voice"! :))


Hilarious....and adorable. ♥

She doe have. When she was little she had almost turquoise eyes but they have sort of faded as she's gotten older. Here's one of my older puzzles when she was younger:


Does she have blue eyes? She looks so much like my Lynx point type boy I had for many years.

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