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Office Cat

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The supervisor is taking a nap
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  1. Robbos1:25
  2. Lynetteoz1:32
  3. anan1:37
  4. Impie1:37
  5. Sylly1:39
  6. hadzi1:39
  7. Horn1:47
  8. canalview2:08
  9. landau3512:12
  10. starcatlady62:17


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Okay. We know that cats can sleep in many places and on many materials. Both here seem to suit the office supervisor. ;-)


I think it is just packaging on the wooden table Patsy :-)


Thanks for your answer, Lynette--an expansion on what you had already told us. What I was really curious about: What is the white material, and what's under it--a box?
I worked from home before I retired, and my partner has been working from home since Covid-19, always with cats sharing our workspace. So that part I understand.


It's both a table and an office desk because we live in a small apartment and hubby works from home. There is always something interesting on it for Willow to check out and also gives her a good vantage point :-)


Willow is beautiful even when asleep. If this is the kitchen table/office, what is she sleeping in/on?


She is a gorgeous cat and in temperament too tisketsmum :-)


This is the kitchen table that hubby uses as part of his office Impie so its always got interesting things on it to amuse Willow :-)


And looking gorgeous while doing it too :D


Aww...and she's doing a good job at it too, Lynetteoz :-)

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