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A very fluffy Sophie....

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She blew herself up to quite an impressive size when we had a visit from The Horrible Cat. Unfortunately it seems to like this garden.

She's just having a little snack now to get her strength back...
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  1. thebetterhalf3:28
  2. soo4:24
  3. marco22864:32
  4. Impie4:33
  5. AnnaFrancesca4:51
  6. tisketsmum5:02
  7. lindaleigh5:14
  8. GmaBee5:15
  9. gilfor5:15
  10. Kayell5:39


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Hi, gorgeous girl. You always look good, puffed up or not. ♥♥♥

P.S. Did you see that Goofie said there will always be room for you on his fabulous throne? ☺


Oh, she really goes for it, Impie! Mind you, I think she's always quite pleased when her Mum comes to the rescue!

The Horrible Cat is quite small, black and aggressive. I suspect it hasn't been neutered which probably explains a lot...

Big sigh, Soo - wish that applied to humans as well!


You look twice as beautiful puffed up like that Sophie ♥


Oh my as well? I do love your puffed up tail and your fluffy back though. It looks like we all seem to get unwanted visitors in our garden one way or the other....Mine are called Misty and Luna and yours The Horrible Cat!? Go get 'em girl! Love Goofie xx

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