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Canada mourns

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  1. heatherjane9:29
  2. Schirl4514:35
  3. Mollymylove616:53
  4. RMAD22:27
  5. one4texas23:07
  6. maddie1523:42
  7. slopoke23:45
  8. Bernice193323:54
  9. marionaw25:40
  10. Dave67827:44


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Yes, I'm thinking of you and grieving with you.
From North Vancouver, BC.

Sending prayers to you in Nova Scotia from WI.


Sympathy from "your western coast", Vancouver Island, British Columbia.

Our thoughts are with you from here in Southern Ontario. You are right, TrudyTai, it was a horrid, cowardly rampage. Even sadder today, as they found at least two more people dead in one of the burned out houses. No one can understand this act of violence and feel so terribly sad for those left behind and their friends and communities!!

Our thoughts are with you here in Northern Ontario.


Such a horrid, cowardly rampage. Our hearts are with you, all of Nova Scotia.


I stand with you here in North Carolina......

We in UK stand with you Nova Scotia.


as does this resident of South Florida.

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