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The best place to rest after our walk....

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under the furniture protectors!
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  1. PaxLab2:52
  2. scbrown3:52
  3. cindyssis3:54
  4. Carol664:08
  5. mble1119114:32
  6. Rettch6:26
  7. dustydog6:52
  8. bigeyez129:15


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Nice to have a friend around that you can spoil without ruining. I would never try something like this with my "master."

Bunny-land is just hopping! tee hee Actually, nothing new is going on. I haven't butchered any yet, and they are getting fat now. With the weather getting better I should be starting on cages for the barn, but haven't yet. Too many other things not critter related going on right now. Still trying to get French drains dug around the new barn. Weather fluctuations make it hard to get anything done. But we are still trying!
Give Dusty a pat for me.


So cozy!


Well said, Merrie, about Dusty's place in our hearts!


Hi, Merrie! Every night I straighten out these covers. ( I have three chairs in this room.) Every day, he comes along and "re-arranges' them to HIS liking! Once he's done with this, he goes in and messes up the pillows on my bed, then goes and rests on his doggie bed. Oh, he has lots of little blankets, which must also be "arranged" according -to -Dusty. Love this little guy!

How are things going in "Bunny Land"? Have a good day!
Dusty : )

Who could resist melting over such a sweetie as Dusty! I might even add a small towel for a 'cover' over him so he could stay warm while napping. :-) Let's face it--Dusty holds a place in all our hearts, but you are the one in his heart. Thank you for sharing him with us.


This little guy is SUPPOSED to rest on TOP of the chair protectors! But, hey, he gives me "that look", and I just melt, reach down and tickle an ear, and let him rest.
Dusty : )

Awwww! How sweet of you to provide something for him or her to nestle behind!

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