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Next day, Schynige Platte (which I was told means Shiny Plateau because it reflects the sunlight).

Whenever a train came in, these men started playing their alphorns.

Click the blue link below for a listen. The video was recorded in the area where our walks had taken place, I recognise so much now.
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  1. Ianto0:11
  2. era40:12
  3. TheWombat0:12
  4. evielou0:12
  5. dalelawler0:12
  6. glenestele0:12
  7. dukeycash0:12
  8. Scorebook0:14
  9. stephen0:15
  10. alliebono0:16


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Leuk hoor om zo te worden ontvangen. Wij hebben ze in Pontresina gezien. Het heeft wel wat vind ik. De ambiance leent zich er wel voor;-))))


Sounds much more sophisticated than a didgeridoo - I was pleasantly surprised! Very interesting - thanks Marry :-) x


It was fun to see and hear them, they seem to be very much part of local life, which of course escapes tourists.
Everybody was of course taking pictures and making videos.

Thanks Arlene and Suzy.

I wonder how they do it, Janet. I think it is a very simple instrument, maybe a bit like a didgeridoo. Hugs ☺


It sounds like a whole orchestra,Marry!


What a fabulous welcome that would be. I didn't realize they could play a tune, I thought they only had one note. Thanks and hugs Marry.♥


That is an amazing sound!

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