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Busy traffic in Griethoorn

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To easy for me I,m afraid.

I didn't know that puzzleljac was your sister. I I haven't any brothers or sisters in my family only my auntie. Not a normal sister


Thanks sis for all the info:-))
I didn't notice the kind of boats they use, but thanks for showing me:-)))
Have a beautiful day:-))
Love and xxxxxx


Hi sis, it's summertime. It's always busy in Giethoorn but special in summer. And yes then it can be very busy at the canals. At this pic you see something you don't often see in Giethoorn. A boat with a gasoline outboard motor. Mostly you see boats with an electric motor. If you rent a boat there it's always electric. In Giethoorn are no streets. There is a path for walking and if it's not to busy, you can cycle. Cars have to stay outside the village at a parkingplace.
I'm glad you like our Dutch towns and villages. :-))) Hugs sis.


Thanks my friends. Jan, Pat and smallsis:-)
This is really one of my favorite places, the other being Hoorn. Funny they should both be in NL.:-))
Hope you all have a lovely evening:-))) BIG HUGSsssssss


I like Neville comment :-) )))
Lovely photo, thank you so much sis :-))) Have a nice day :-)) hugs


Move over I coming thru....


What no traffic light?


Yes it is in a way, maybe its the weekend there:-))
NOtice there is no traffic rage:-)))
Thanks Neville:-)))

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