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Pickled Beets

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so today, I played with almost 35lbs of beets, and turned them into 29½ pints of Pickled Beets ... labeled and ready for the market tomorrow morning.

I also diced up around 20lbs of cucumbers for pickle relish. I made Jalapeno Relish & Dill relish tonight :) I will dice up another 8lbs or so and make Sweet Pickle Relish when I get home from the market
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as my youngest son would say ... "It's manly pink!" 😂 lolol


I bet you looked cute all pink!

After all of that you did need the sleep.

That was very early, You did have a great reason. They do get it. The people will come back next time and ask.

Good, not brings any home is a great thing. People know that you have different things each time.


well ... sleep 😊

I did wake up @4am, and could have baked and been done in time, but decided I needed to sleep a little more 😉 my wife told me we had customers that came for my breads, and when they heard why I had not baked the night before, they were fine.

as for the relish and beets ... I took 4 of each, Jalapeno Relish, Dill Relish, & Pickled Beets, came home with none 😊

I bet you were. That it was. You did get a lot done.
There was not enough time of anything else.


no baking last night Jolene ... after 21 hours of beets & cucumbers, I was too tired to bake for this morning's market

Now that is quite a lot. Of beets as well a cucumbers. Was there bread as well?
What you make is what you have in front of you.


@littlecanary ... thank you 😊 ... my wife and I sell home made jams & jellies at 4 markets a week. if we're lucky, our next set of beets will be ready before these are gone. I don't expect them to make it to Labor Day 😉


no I haven't Penny, I stick to making pickle relish. they pickle a lot of things from the garden out here. pickled asparagus & pickled strawberries are just a few off the top of my head. home made sauerkraut is almost a religion 😉


Wow, impressive. When my daughter and I can, we can never crank out anywhere near that much!


yum! i love pickled beets. have you made dilly beans before? Penny

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