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Sleep In The Car

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Toilet paper is very important!
Why this advertisement?


  1. limpduck4:32
  2. Jada4554:37
  3. ammy4:43
  4. icezin5:09
  5. jwolcott1285:22
  6. rowingref5:35
  7. molex75:43
  8. Sister19575:46
  9. Dawnie555:49
  10. igator2106:16


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Thanks @moviegirl. Sometimes I can be a bit too crude. Glad you are understanding. Be safe dear!


@helenpuz Not to worry. No harm done. Take good care, my friend. ❣☀️☀️


@moviegirl, So sorry for not being clear in my post. I was meaning that we should cut up our old worn out clothes and use these in place of toilet paper, but not flush them as the plumbing will clog. Rinse them, and then put in washer and drier. Hope I haven't grossed anyone out.


Three cheers for being resourceful, I guess. I've never had to clean cloth diapers, thank God! I may have misunderstood, but if adults have to start pooping in "worn out clothes" because they're out of toilet tissue - I will never be down with that! Not a place I'm willing to go.

By the way, @helenpuz, please don't apologize. You're educating us.

@limpduck You can still get cloth diapers today (I saw an ad once) and they still have pickup and delivery service too--just like I saw on an episode of "Bewitched", you just have to pay a lot for it. (❁´◡`❁)

Talking about cloth diapers, I made my own, once they were to thin they then became cleaning rags. As janshoemake said I don't even see cloth ones around anymore. Thanks all for the nice history update.


@lefty50 That's a funny site, thanks for sharing! It's quite accurate too, I must say! XD

Thank you for sharing your stories @helenpuz and @janshoemake
The throwaway culture of today is very damaging to the environment, and completely unsustainable in a world with limited resources but a constantly growing population. Yet it's what merchants want - more purchases = more profits.


Thanks Jan! I appreciate hearing your views too!

your views are not upsetting me. My girls were born '57 and ' 58. They were born on the same date but a year apart, Then our son was born in 63. When we were stationed in Missouri I had to hang diapers in freezing weather. You do what you have to do. We made it 63 years.
I was in WalMart one day looking for the cloth diapers. The clerk did not know what I was talking about! I make burp pads for new borns.
Guess I best get off my soap box. . .


Very true, janshoemake! Anyone having a baby prior to the early 1970's had the chore of washing cloth diapers, drying them, and then, remember folding them prior to pinning them on the little one??? I had that job as a child in the 1950's, helping my older cousins with their chores!

Sorry, my soap-box is showing!!!! People, my father and mother used cloth handkerchiefs and they got washed too. Use your dish cloth to mop up spills, and a towel for drying it up. These are all reusable.

So sorry if my views are upsetting, but, truly..... we can raise above this! I promise to be better and stop preaching now. Please forgive me~

I am alarmed with all the hoarding. I had three children and only used disposable liners for diapers when we went on vacation. Had a pail of water with a little bleach to put them in before I washed them to use again. I am so thankful I grew up at a time where people used what was on hand and parents were frugal. Growing up we never worried about food or clothing. Walked to town and to church.


Feel the need to hoard TP? Check this out for toilet paper calculator:


A good one. Humor helps, at least that's what I hope! Thank you!

...until you can't find any at the store because people have hoarded all the tissue!


Guess it is caused by the way they were toilet trained.


@helenpuz Good advice! TP is not a basic necessity; still can't understand why people feel the need to buy so much of it! I'm glad you enjoyed the puzzle! :)

@JoJanet She must have been joking! Otherwise... we are doomed!


Please forgive me for spouting off, ammy! It is a wonderful puzzle, I shared it with our eldest daugter!


Anyone remember cloth diapers, rinsing them off in the toilet, flush toilet....rinse again if needed, place in bucket with water and soap, cover bucket with lid! Wash in washing machine and dry in drier. Not such a problem to be without TP. I am certain we all have some clothes which are worn out which can do this job. Come on humanity!!!! Sorry to preach.... just fed up with hoarding paper products. Jigidi people, you are a wonder to behold. Thank you for showing how truly wonderful you all are.

Someone in a store here in FL said she was buying up a lot of tp so she could make face masks for her family and friends. DUH! One sneeze and your mask is toast. We are doomed if this is how people are really thinking.


lol! Boggles me too! I guess fear might make people use the toilet more? (^ヮ^)

hording t.p. hording~why? This blows my mind. Wish someone would explain~~~~~


But how much of it can you eat?

Why this advertisement?